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Hybrid Series Shift Knobs


Our delrin + 304 stainless steel hybrids! We've made these with a stainless steel core for the powder coat abilities and weight, but added a delrin (black or white) top to avoid heat/cold. We wanted these knobs to be balanced in weight, height, and making it at a lower price point than any other hybrid's on the market. Enjoy!

LB-H (Light Bulb)
Weight: 305 grams
Reverse lockout width: 34mm
Reverse lockout depth: 16mm
Largest width: 55mm
Height: 64mm

BK-H (Block)
Weight: 540 grams
Reverse lockout width: 34mm
Reverse lockout depth: 16mm
Largest width: 51mm
Height: 61mm

Powder Coated Lower:
Please review our photo album (below) and note the color during check-out notes

Thread Pitch Availability: 

USPS Priority/First Class Mail
Free within the U.S., International is extra

In-stock (stainless) = 1-2 days
Powder coated = 1-2 weeks

Please note vehicle and transmission during check-out notes!

Common Vehicles
✔ Mitsubishi Evolution's, including MR's (all years)
✔ Subaru's, including WRX's and STi's (all years)
✔ Nissan's, manuals, including Z's (all years)
✔ FR-S, 86, BRZ platforms, manual and auto (all years)
✔ Mazda's, manual/auto, including MX-5's (all years)
✔ Infiniti's, manual, including G35's, G37's (all years)
✔ Honda's, manual, including Si's, S2000's (all years)
✔ Acura's, manual, including TSX's, RSX's (all years)
✔ Toyota’s, manual, including Tacoma’s (all years)
✔ Scion’s, manual, including TC1’s, and XB’s (all years)
Don't see your vehicle listed? Ask us if it fits!

Photo Album: CLICK HERE

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