Shift Solutions Co.
$45.00 - $65.00

Reverse Lockout Lever (Mustang 15+ S550)

[X] machined 6061 aluminum
[X] direct replacement over stock
[X] fits 15+ Mustang S550 stock shifter and we cannot confirm compatibility with aftermarket shifters.

Standard (Stock) - the same size/style as stock, but an aluminum one-piece version

Slim* - our redesigned version stock, everything is the same, but the top has been slimmed down to fit most shift knob that's compatible with 6-speed Subaru's. The internal lockout cavity of the shift knob must have a minimum of 22mm.
*Stock S550 shift knobs and similar units that have a blocked lockout cavity will not work with the slim lockout

Availability - most colors are in-stock and ready to be shipped. If they are out, it will be a two-days lead-time

Color Samples: CLICK HERE

Installation - 5 minutes:
1. Remove shift knob
2. Twist apart the stock plastic reverse lockout assembly
3. Lift/remove stock lockout
4. Install new lockout in reverse fashion