Shift Solutions Co.
$20.00 - $40.00

Shift Knob Coating/Engraving/TLC

Do you currently have a metal based shift knob that needs a new powder coat, polishing and/or custom laser engraving? We can help.

How It Works
1. Place your order based on the required needs
2. Email us with your order number and let us know exactly whats needed
3. We'll send you all required information and includes: lead-time, shipping info and overall expectations
4. Once we receive your package, we"ll have your work completed and shipped back to you. Price includes return shipping.

Powder Coating Process

1. We'll strip your original finish and properly prepare it for our coating process 2. See our album for our color offerings CLICK HERE

3. All coatings are properly baked at the required temperature and finish is covered by a one year warranty, which covers any coating defects. Note: powder coating CANNOT be performed on any shift knobs that have non-removavle non-metal components, such as leather, as this would not do well in the oven.