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TD [780 Grams] Shift Knob

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Creation: Crafted from 304 stainless steel and once it has been carved into the perfect shape, we carved it some more for reverse lock-out/countersunk depth and furthered threaded the knob. Once it's finished machining, we add a little flavor by hot blasting some powder coat on this knob to finish it off. If you want to add an additional touch to your knob, we place this on our high-tech fiber optic laser and engrave it to match your needs!

This is a plug-n-play application for most vehicles (see below), just remove original knob and thread-on new! 

Weight: 780 grams
Reverse lockout width: 25mm
Reverse lockout depth: 26mm
Largest width: 55mm
Height: 75mm

Thread Pitch Availability: 

Common Vehicles
✔ Mitsubishi Evolution's, including MR's (all years)
✔ Subaru's, including WRX's and STi's (all years)
✔ Nissan's, manuals, including Z's (all years)
✔ FR-S, 86, BRZ platforms, manual and auto (all years)
✔ Mazda's, manual/auto, including MX-5's (all years)
✔ Infiniti's, manual, including G35's, G37's (all years)
✔ Honda's, manual, including Si's, S2000's (all years)
✔ Acura's, manual, including TSX's, RSX's (all years)
✔ Toyota’s, manual, including Tacoma’s (all years)
✔ Scion’s, manual, including TC1’s, and XB’s (all years)
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