Laser Engraving

Shift Solutions Co.

Laser Engraving

We offer laser engraving on all shift knobs and other products and here is the information we need from you.

1. We will need a proper image that is high in resolution and distinctly shows what needs to be engraved. Ideally, Vector format would be the best. 

2. Color of engravings (gloss based knobs ONLY). If you have a gloss powder coated knob or other item, we can fill in the engravings with color (additional fee). Default color of engravings is silver.

Colors available: 

Gloss: Yellow, White, Red, Black, Dark Blue, Green

Metallic: Gold, Silver

3. Please finalize and check-out through the proper listing/selection and email your image to [email protected] and reference the order number.

Lead-time: 1-2 weeks after ordering.